When slim cut bubble gum chick is existential aim
Half the world could shape and chop into half dead dolls

Mannequins in forever pleasant pose

Bare flesh plastered up as enticing front

With true selves cramped behind, in groans and tears
When being dark masked nothing is rank piety

Half the world is primed into half deaf dolls

Cowering behind full thin black film foil

For nightly release, for deathly sensual plays

While she writhes and cringes, gutted and shamed
When she’s picture perfect pious godless model

Half the world is one dimensional toy

Slogan and byword, for tribesmen cultured and brute

Until she shakes the shackles off

To be being without ancient cage or fad flag


Published by

Ikenna Nwachukwu

I'm a christian who seeks and speaks and writes for more of a REAL RELATIONSHIP with my Lord my creator and king. The inspiration of the message I share is this: Christ's heart in us, and ours in Him; His breath we must breathe, and His life, live..LITERARILY.

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